Matt Bors
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Adult Conversations On The Campaign Trail

When Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to head up the ticket with him, the press made a lot of declarations about how this was a bold” move and this Very Serious person signaled the beginning of a “serious discussion” on “issues.”

In a shocking development, that has yet to take place. Biden’s comments about chains provided catnip for the media obsession with “gaffes.” Biden’s consistently clumsy remarks are so damaging that literally no human being ever has based their vote on them. He clearly misspoke, as the GOP’s platform of indentured servitude does not involve physical chains.

Ryan, known for drafting Very Serious imaginary budgets, has focused the campaign on entitlement reform with heaps of misinformation and scare-mongering thrown in. Ryan’s plan amounts to generational warfare, assuring the old voters they need to win the election that their benefits will remain untouched while encouraging them to sell out the young and poor.”