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The Benefits Of Carpooling

Hello Matt, I thought your readers might enjoy learning about the benefits of carpooling you could link to on your blog. The link can be found here: If you like it, please let me know so I can share with my readers. Feel free to send any questions, comments, etc. you may have as well. Thanks for your consideration, Eric
Hi Eric! Readers of Bors Blog are very interested in learning about carpooling and its benefits. Not only that, but they would prefer to enjoy the experience as much as possible. My readers love enjoyment! You asked that I let you know so you can share with your readers that I shared with my readers. So here it is: I liked it! It's informative AND enjoyable - that's a win-win where I come from. Carpooling is so beneficial I can't believe you only came up with 6 reasons. (Perhaps your holding out for a follow up post?) Please let me know when you share with your readers so I can share with my readers that you shared with your readers about my sharing. So much sharing! I "Like" it! Beep Beep, Matt
08.11.2012 |