Matt Bors
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Harry Reid allegedly heard that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years from a Bain investor, who apparently make their tax returns available to each other. Sure, Romney could clear it up in a minute, but no matter how much you don’t like Romney, that’s not how claims and evidence work. These are basically the same tactics Birthers used to force Obama to release his birth certificate that they refused to accept as real. Me, I have it on good word Harry Reid is a butthead. He could clear this all up by releasing his medical records to prove his head is not in fact his butt. What is he hiding?

The idea that Romney wouldn’t have paid taxes for a decade while preparing to run for president is preposterous–and it should probably trouble Democrats that Harry Reid is actively lying–but you can be sure he used every trick in the book to pay the lowest amount possible. In fact, Romney made the strange claim that not taking the maximum deductions disqualifies you from the presidency. How technical does he want to get about this? Did he not write off his Wall Street Journal subscription in 1991?

Romney is still calculating that the benefits of withholding his returns outweigh the negatives, which is pretty astonishing at this point. I’m sure they reveal he paid absurdly low rated some years, but that’s no surprise; he’s rich turd and we know it. The more voters see of Romney’s tax returns the more it will be clear to them that our system is rigged to favor the mega-wealthy and all the deductions Romney touts are built in specifically to enable the rich to get richer, something he’d like to make even easier as president.”