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Crime SuspenStories: The Devil’s Drink

Here’s a sequel of sorts to last week’s comic on another great idea from Bloomberg. After going after large sodas in certain venues, but leaving giant Big Gulps in convenience stores, his Board of Health is eyeballing milkshakes and popcorn. (Bloomberg Drinks Your Milkshake?) This one of those regulations where people get disproportionally outraged about Freedom® in a world where people are being drone striked to death. After they take effect, we barely seem to notice or care. Remember smoking in airplanes?

Still, there’s an undeniable Nanny State aspect to this when your mayor starts dictating how many ounces of sugar syrup you are allowed in a single vessel. While we’ve become a nation of diabetic fatties, I don’t know if piecemeal oversight of random things that are bad for you is really effective. People won’t stop eating poorly while processed food remains the cheapest, fastest way to fill your face, despite what the decrees of an unaccountable billionaire ruler tells his subjects.”

06.27.2012 |