Matt Bors
Comics, Politics & Ridicule

The economy has been leveled and Obama is having raffle dinners with celebrities. It’s as if he’s trying to embody the version of himself that appears on The Drudge Report every day. I guess those grassroots dollars aren’t pouring in like they were a few years ago and he has resorted to promising his fans a few words with George Clooney in lieu of political change.

The elitism of it all is stunning. One campaign email characterized a dinner raffle with Obama and the man who starred in the worst movie of all time as “not a chance most people get — well, ever.” That’s not the type of opportunity my unemployed family members are looking for right now. I’m not really sure how this plays into the strategy of painting Romney as a millionaire elitist who is out of touch with the common man, but the president might ask one of his patrons for some acting tips next time he swings by their mansion to pick up a check.”