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Stand Your Ground Insurance

Yes, it’s true. An NRA-endorsed insurance plan can help you out in the event of shooting someone dead for self-defense, real or imagined. I heard whispers of this at Netroots Nation last weekend and tracked it down online. Turns out, despite extensive coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, I can’t find a single outlet that has reported on this. So. Breaking News: this exists.

The catch, of course, is that you have to get off. But going by the leniency of some Stand Your Ground laws, that shouldn’t be too hard. Now, this is basically a scam. Even the horniest gun fetishist, itching to down a brown burglar is unlikely to ever actually need this insurance. But if they ever did in great numbers, I’m sure the the castle-defenders would suddenly find out all the beautifully clever ways insurers can think up to deny claims.

Another thought: Could having self-defense insurance itself come into play in a trial? It seems to betray a certain mindset. I’ll be on Beck And Burns radio this evening in Portland to discuss.”