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Parting words from Ed Stein

The decline of print media continues to brutalize cartoonists, with no end in sight. The Times-Picayune in New Orleans cut half of its news staff as they do away with a daily print edition as they... "transition" to the web. Longtime editorial cartoonist Steve Kelley was among those let go. We also learned this week that Ed Stein is throwing in the towel on editorial cartooning. After losing his job at the Rocky Mountain News in 2009, he tells Michael Cavna of the Washington Post, "I have no idea how to make a living as an editorial cartoonist now." In his exit interview with Cavna, Stein leaves us some words of wisdom.
Having a political philosophy and point of view isn't enough. Don't illustrate the news. Draw about the issues behind the events, not the events themselves. Advocate for people, not politicians. Don't be an unpaid huckster for a political party. Resist the temptation to support their daily talking points. Constantly question your own motivation. Do your research. Know the facts and avoid the spin. Admit it when you're wrong. Don't be lazy; don't do what everyone else is doing. Support ideas, not ideologies.
06.13.2012 |