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General Gets The Axe

The Pentagon announced the replacement of the commander of United States Special Operations in South Korea after a news media report quoted him as saying that American and South Korean troops had been parachuting into North Korea on spy missions, a statement denied by Washington and the government in Seoul.
Though they never name him in the story, the reporter who quoted the General and set this all in motion is David Axe, who caused a firestorm and was pressured to resign from The Diplomat over the story. His quote was then found out to be accurate. Large publications like the Times, New Yorker, et al. have a huge problem properly crediting people (especially cartoonists) who they don't think are on some arbitrary level of worthiness they've created. You'd think in this case the reporters name could be mentioned. Also of note in David Axe Land: David's latest comic is out, The Accidental Candidate, and next week on Cartoon Movement we publish another chapter of Army Of God.
06.07.2012 |