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Don’t Be A Zombie

Speaking of mindless hordes taking over the world, is there a Zombie Survival Guide out there that lets us know what to do when they take over the media? Mindless, bottom-feeding sites like the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, and Gawker keep finding new lows as they seek out page views like the undead crave brains.

It’s such a bizarre and disturbing story all you want to do is laugh and not actually think about some poor homeless person being disfigured for life. But guess what? That’s what happened. A man had his face chewed off and eaten and the sites we go to for news turned it into a cheap joke. Worse, Gawker actually published the photo of the victim as he lay disfigured, conscious, and near death–with jokey writing. He’ll be traumatized for life. Hilarious!

My main objection to all the zombie jokes is that they are so painfully unoriginal, as if no one in the Western world is capable of viewing horrific tragedies outside the context of pop culture references. I don’t like to be the joke police; I enjoy dark and inappropriate humor. But there’s a difference between making a joke on your Facebook feed and news outlets putting zombie” into their headlines for page views. He’s not a zombie. He’s sick. And a real life human is disfigured for life, someone at the bottom of society’s ladder that we don’t tend to think about much these days until they are maimed in ways that amuse us.”

06.06.2012 |
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