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According to the census, non-white births now outnumber white births, which, despite being predicted for decades, is upsetting to racist ass racists. Here’s what some of them had to say about the matter.

It is not a good thing.

The NY Times liberals seek to destroy the American family of the 1950s, as symbolized by Ozzie and Harriet. The TV characters were happy, self-sufficient, autonomous, law-abiding, honorable, patriotic, hard-working, and otherwise embodied qualities that made America great. In other words, the show promoted values that NY Times liberals despise.

Literally: “an ideal fantasy word created for television and advertising is going away and that upsets us.” Also, there is nothing “hard-working” about immigrants, as evidence by no restaurants existing and the complete lack of tomatoes available for your salad.

It will be interesting in coming decades to see how white people react to this shift. By interesting I mean “great cartoon fodder.” No doubt white supremacists like Pat Buchanan will complain loudly and often as they become increasingly outnumbered and irrelevant, finally relegated to oddball entertainment instead of being a political and cultural force to be feared. See ya later, old bigots!”

05.23.2012 |