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Indian Country News wrote up today's cartoon on the white birthrate, which went viral and quickly became one of the most popular comics I've done.
While Bors quickly developed the concept for his cartoon, creating it proved more challenging. "It was probably one of the hardest cartoons to figure out how to approach visually," Bors said. " I wanted it to clearly say ‘Native America' but not be stereotypical."
In addition to wanting to create a take I hadn't yet seen on this issue, I wanted the people to look like real people and not stereotypes. The delivery device I was using was essentially the old editorial cartoon setup of having a couple at the kitchen table reading a paper and commenting on the news. Except I usually find those cartoons lazy and always try to draw people who aren't necessarily white suburbanites encountering news the way everyone did 30 years ago. My first approach was to have a younger couple in bed watching the news on a laptop. I scrapped this mid-drawing, thinking people may be thrown off by it not immediately conveying "Native American." So I ended up having two guys on an Indian reservation, with an elder statesman type making the observation.
05.23.2012 |