Matt Bors
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Mitt Romney’s Jerk Advice for Jerkface Bullies

So Mitt Romney is a bigger jerk face than you thought just last week. Trying to break through his image as wooden technocrat, his wife and campaign started reminiscing about his wild, fun, and prank-filled youth. Turns out pranks” means pretty jerky behavior–assault in the one case–and he ends up looking like a mean-spirited, entitled rich kid who thinks others are beneath him. Fast forward to “I like being able to fire people.”

I don’t like to forever hold people accountable for things they did in high school. Bullies can be forgiven… if they seek it. Romney’s reaction–his lie–about not recalling the incident was a missed opportunity to just be a human being owning up to something they did wrong. Instead he’s a jerk face.

Note that the Charles Atlas photo is taken directly from the famous ad and no Photoshop doctoring has been done. That’s not Mitt’s head on there!

As a bonus, here’s a sketch I did that was going to be a parody of right-wing cartoons but then I switched ideas at the last minute.