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Romney’s Outreach To Women Voters

Mitt Romney being out-of-touch is an insurmountable character flaw, and it seems to be one shared by his wife. The whole stay-at-home mom issue was played up by their campaign without reflecting what was actually said. And the Obama campaign rushed to throw Hillary Rosen under the bus as fast as you can say Ann Romney registers a Twitter account.”

You don’t really hear many people saying mothers don’t work, except for scaring up racist votes by attacking single black mothers. But being a millionaire with complete economic security is a bit different from, well, pretty much every mother in the country.

Ann Romney’s latest attempt to frame the issue came out like this: "I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids.” Well, at least they are consistently against women having choices.

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04.25.2012 |
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