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How To Talk To A Zimmerman Apologist

George Zimmerman was finally arrested and charged with murder for killing Trayvon Martin. This following a week where Zimmerman set up a website to solicit money and was publicly dumped by his lawyers. Seeing as to how this guy can never enter the general population of a prison without being murdered, things aren’t looking up for him.

Remarkably, there are still those who insist we don’t have all the facts” to make any sort of call here and this is a media-driven witch hunt – captured beautifully in this Mike Lester cartoon. (Dig that execution metaphor!)

As I said before, it really looks as if people are going great lengths not to identify with a black victim. Whenever an issue involving race comes up, there’s a certain contingent who will always rail about the involvement of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson (not that I’m the biggest fan) as if it is the most outrageous aspect of what has transpired. I mean, an obscure rapper put an image of Zimmerman on a shirt along with the word “cracker” so that’s obviously where their outrage is directed. That would come in at approximately minute 7 of the skipped conversation in the comic.”

04.16.2012 |
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