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Hot off his Sandra Fluke masterpiece, Gary McCoy is upsetting folks again with his portrayal of Obama as a narcissist capitalizing on Trayvon Martin's death to get attention. Which, I suppose is one way of looking at the short, thoughtful statement Obama put out about the national controversy. His follow up cartoon attacked the New Black Panthers, who admittedly are racist idiots, but one gets the feeling McCoy enjoys targeting blacks more than identifying any as a victim. I say that because I notice McCoy's black people all have giant purple lips and wide noses, in contrast to the black people I see in real life who look nothing like that. I'm sure the "It's just my style!" defense that editorial cartoonist rely on so often applies here. And as McCoy pointed out in in the link above, he married a women who wasn't white - so therefore he could not possibly be drawing black men in a horrific way, just believe him and not your eyeballs. McCoy (and a few other cartoonists) should check out this drawing tutorial by Shmorky.

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03.29.2012 |