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Good Ol’ American Journalism

I’m a little late to the party since I bumped this for a Trayvon Martin comic last week, but I wanted to get something in on the U.S. soldier murdering 17 Afghans and the overly-sympathetic coverage that followed.

The media’s narrative is clear: Muslims kill because they hate freedom, white Americans kill for complex reasons we should strive to understand and address seriously. In article after article detailing Sgt. Bales’ woes and now-spoiled vacation plans, you couldn’t find a single quote from an Afghan or any details about the victims, which made this post by Al Jazeera listing their names all the more powerful.

Talk of combat stress and the endless tours of duty sure is welcome, but it would be nice if we could extend the third dimension to Muslims who horrifically slaughter people in hopes of understanding and, perhaps, preventing such things from happening again in the future.

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03.26.2012 |