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A few people have asked why the shooter in today's comic appears white so I thought I'd explain my thinking. One or two people were firing from the hip and accused me of willfully obscuring the race issue - or denying that it was even a factor. The purpose of this comic was to turn the Stand Your Ground defense on its head. Not every comic contains the totality of my views on a single subject and I plan to do at least one more comic on the Trayvon Martin killing. If I drew Zimmerman himself, I knew I would be accused of advocating violence against him. Drawing a generic Hispanic, I felt, would indicate some broad problem in society with them killing unarmed black men. So I brought out the white guy I have used before as a Gitmo torturer, Tea party member, and "open carry" advocate to represent the dumb machismo of gun nuts who back those laws. It seemed like the best course of action, but some people found it confusing. Some people even said it was bigoted towards white people. Can't win them all.
03.23.2012 |