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By now everyone is familiar with Trayvon Martin and his murder. Armed with Skittles and iced tea and wearing a hoodie, the black teen was summarily executed for suspiciously existing in a predominantly white neighborhood. The only thing unusual about this situation is that it was carried out by a wannabe cop instead of real ones, who have murdered black men for decades for crimes such as pulling out wallets or being handcuffed helplessly on the ground.

This situation is what opponents of idiotic gun laws were always worrying about. When these laws are purchased from lawmakers by the gun lobby, the goal is to drive people to buy more guns to increase profits in an industry where the product has a long shelf life. But the gun lover’s claims are always rooted in paranoid fantasies of righteous gun justice.

Whether it’s hollow point bullets, extended magazines, assault rifles, or “Stand Your Ground” laws, all these completely unnecessary things play into a white knight fantasy scenario wherein the man kills the home-invading thugs or thwarts a robbery without mommy government’s help. But it almost never happens that way. The more we find out about the murderer, Zimmerman, the more he falls into caricature; a paranoid, crime-obsessed vigilante itching for a confrontation with someone (brown).

Ironically, it was Trayvon Martin who would have been entirely within his rights to defend himself with lethal force against this psycho stalker. Of course, he’d be sitting in jail right now had he acted in self-defense and told the cops the same thing that Zimmerman did.

There’s a number of pieces to this story that cause outrage. One that is currently blowing my mind is that Zimmerman was allowed to leave with his murder weapon and was not tested for drugs, while Martin’s corpse was subjected to drug testing. What crack investigators they have in Sanford!

Zimmerman is free, armed, and willing to kill. Using the logic of his own defense, could someone shoot him on site out for being a threat?”

03.23.2012 |
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