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There is a massive war on women underway in this country, one that has been waged to varying degrees longer than any other pointless conflict we’ve engaged in because mean white men demanded it. Like the disastrous war in Afghanistan, I believe it to be ultimately hopeless, but until common sense prevails, many tiny victories are making things tough for good ladyfolk across the nation – and the men who respect them.

In Texas, doctors are now mandated by government to be condescending douchebags to women seeking abortions. Meanwhile, a proposed bill in Tennessee seeks to assist citizens in better locating abortion providers in order to murder them. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I can think of no other reason – even a BS one given for cover – why publishing information on doctors who provide this service to women could be needed in any way. It will very seriously threaten people’s lives. Naturally, it’s called the Life Defense Act.

I believe this is the right’s Battle Of The Bulge. Things are looking great for them now, but Allied Forces are rallying. Someday not quite soon enough they will be abandoning their tanks in the snow. Then we will push them all the way back into their miserable bunkers of sexual shame to gnaw on cyanide tablets, followed quickly by parades.

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Note: the joke from this one came from reporter Glenn Fleishman, who is my Twitter friend. Normally I don’t do jokes from others, but what the hell. We’re thinking about selling them as actual bumper stickers. Want one?”

03.21.2012 |
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