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A comment on the Kony 2012 cartoon:
You know, Matt, if you are going to have Bush walking along so light-heartedly, you ought to have Obama two steps behind carrying a bucket of his water. Bush didn't assassinate a US citizen, denying the victim's father his day in court; he didn't imprison Bradley Manning and have him held in solitary, naked, and denying him a speedy trial. And Bush hasn't been the one flying drones into Pakistan and blowing up hundreds of children and non-combattants to get the very last impotent scraps of Al Qaeda. You can not condemn one without condemning the other.
Fair enough, but Bush's actions have resulted in far more casualties, which is why I reserve special contempt for him. Obama has expanded executive killing powers in an outrageous manner, so perhaps a slickly designed poster with his face on it is called for to raise awareness. On Obama and Eric Holder's new creative definition of "due process," I point you to two good cartoons on the matter from Ruben Bolling and Brian McFadden.
03.19.2012 |