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I've been awarded the 2012 Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning, which is an incredible honor. I was completely shocked and it still doesn't seem quite real. (Full press release here.) I'm also very happy that my colleague Jen Sorensen was named the finalist. Her work is great and deserved recognition. Besides the prestige of the award and the acknowledgment that brings, it is undeniable that the most important factor for me is the cash prize. I'm the first winner who hasn't been employed at a paper and the prize money represents a significant portion of my income. I'll be using that money to buy myself the most valuable commodity of all: time. There's a few projects I need to focus on to keep this whole thing going, including a redesign of this site and a few book projects that haven't found their way to the front burner. I can now turn down freelance work for awhile in order to focus on the work that matters to me most: political cartoons and comics journalism. And this award keeps the fire under my ass lit.  
03.13.2012 |