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The Diary Of Anne Frank: Mormon Heaven

It has come out that the Mormon church has yet again baptized Anne Frank after promising not to since it is horribly offensive and dumb.

Here’s their thought process as I see it. They baptized her, then did a take-back after Jews and Decent People raised a stink. Then they worried that God kicked Ms. Frank out of heaven since she was only a Mormon for a few years. They then colluded in private because if no one knows except a few Mormons, God lets you into heaven for eternity. It actually has nothing to do with how you conducted yourself as a human being on Earth, not even if you were a pleasant teenager killed by Nazis, just whether or not a Mormon you never met dipped themselves in water for you.

You have to wonder who would want to worship such a deity.

PS – Yes, that is Mitt’s dog.”

02.29.2012 |
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