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Here's a follow up to yesterday's cartoon, which I didn't have time to write about until now. I didn't give the comic a setup indicating it was satire because we're all adults around here, but there will always be at least one person who takes you seriously. And really, if the organization existed exactly as I presented it in the comic (minus the smoking), I'd order all of their cookies. Rep. Bob Morris has sort of walked back some of what he said about the Girl Scouts, writing "Had I known this letter would have gone to a wider audience, I would have cited further evidence for my position," which translates roughly to "didn't think I'd get called on my bullshit--I got nothing." All of the typical bogeymen were there in his initial statement: feminists, communists, atheists, abortionists - as they call them. But the trigger for Girl Scout rage seems to be them letting a trans girl participate in some town somewhere, which is very threatening to adult men with penises who Have Opinions About That Stuff. Here's an exchange with cartoonist Mike Lester I had on Facebook. I'm not sure what causes a person to get so worked up over a child being accepted for who they say they are - or what possible motivating factor a child would have to lie about such a thing in a world that constantly ridicules trans people. I guess I don't really even see a reason for the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts to be closed off to other genders at all. There's nothing about selling cookies, camping, and getting badges for made-up tasks that motivates me to strongly defend rigid gender segregation for children. The right has gone over the edge lately on social issues. When you are bashing contraception and the Girl Scouts, you might as well go all in and say vaginas have sharp teeth. Only olds can get riled up about gays and lady bits in numbers big enough to make it pay off politically. Santorum might be utterly frightening and we aren't going to be rid of these dum-dums for a long time, but when I think about all the recent stories on women's health and social issues, it's clear to me who won the culture war and who is thrashing about wildly as they lay mortally wounded.
02.28.2012 |