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PETA Targets No One Ever With Latest Campaign

Um, so this is a new ad from PETA... I'm big into not injuring the women I have sex with or bashing their heads into walls. Also? If I were to, for some reason I cannot possibly fathom, put a woman in a neck brace, I wouldn't then make her walk to the store in her panties to bring me back bell peppers. Just me. I would also then eat ten Big Macs to decrease my women-hurting sex prowess to the point where they would enjoy sex with me and possibly consider doing so again or even, hey, let's go to the store together and grab some post-sex bell peppers to munch on because that's a thing apparently. But if you are into that sort of stuff, they have a website just for you that includes tips for women on how to have sex with a vegan stud without damaging your lady bits. "Your vegan boyfriend has one goal in mind: a sexual marathon... your goal would be: Finish many times, and don't break your pelvis." And breaking your pelvis in half isn't your only worry: "Protect your corneas from his turbocharged loads with OSHA-approved goggles." Cartoons I've done on PETA and their beautifully subtle campaigns can be found here and here.
02.13.2012 |