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Mitt Romney has existed in bubbles within bubbles for so much of his life that he never developed the ability to relate to average people. Brought up in the Mormon church and the son of a Governor, he went into flipping ginormous corporations and running for office. He’s thought of people as statistics and constituencies since puberty.

He knows how to talk down to you, but not to you. Something is missing that’s probably directly tied to staring at his stock portfolio and using business-speak for the majority of his life. Some parts of the brain that govern not spouting bullshit were never fully developed. He is a more ambitious Lumberg.

Newtwork pundits like referring to Romney’s statements about the poor and his level of wealth as if they are gaffes–an off-script moment where he failed to fully articulate his position. But they aren’t gaffes at all. This is who he is.

Romney is a bad character from an 80s movie and he’s running for president.

02.08.2012 |
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