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There's a Q&A with me over at the Oregonian News Network's blog.
Q. What goes into being a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist?
I draw 2-3 cartoons a week which means poring over the news every day and obnoxiously checking Twitter for breaking news while people are trying to have a conversation with me. Some cartoon ideas come easy and sometimes I'm tearing my hair out (what's left) to try to coax forth an idea, but I always meet the deadline and the cartoons magically appear in papers, which is the coolest reward. To be a real pro in this industry you have to be good at staying up all night to meet your deadline at the last minute. I've gotten real good at that over the years and now my entire life is governed by deadlines. I couldn't even finish this interview without giving myself one. [Read the rest]
02.08.2012 |