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The reaction Washington had to the internet blackout over SOPA/PIPA kind of surprised me. I was under the impression that phone calls to Senators and internet petitions were meaningless window dressings to our faux-Democracy wherein bills breeze through Congress based on arrangements between lobbyists and lawmakers.

Every sensible person seems to agree the language of the bills were so broadly worded as to invite massive censorship. There’s still a need to crack down on sites illegally pirating work, as well as a general understanding about copyrights (and paid labor) that needs to take hold on the web. I’m real glad Reddit saved the internet. Now, any chance their users can learn how to credit creators and sources of copyrighted material?

Amid all the cries about the complete destruction of freedom as we know it, it’s good to remember that Facebook and Google are themselves hugely profitable corporations who haven’t exactly shown themselves to be totally awesome on the issues of copyrights and privacy, so I’m a bit wary of them as well.

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01.25.2012 |