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If you haven’t seen the ad for Dr. Pepper Ten, go ahead and give it a look below.

The ad manages to be self-aware of its over-the-top machismo and offensive at the same time. You wonder exactly what they were going for in gendering a soft drink–who might be so insecure in their manhood that it could govern their choice of carbonated beverage.

The first explanation is that by simply doing something outlandish you can generate chatter and viral momentum–to employ a slick advertising phrase–that allows your brand to permeate the helpless minds that aren’t glued to the football game you bought ad space for. In that sense, I am participating in their cunning plot by even mentioning their wretched sugary existence.

Douchey Guys Who Need Manly Products is a market demographic that is targeted so often not because of their size or income, but because they remain really, really vulnerable to the suggestion (or outright declaration) that products make you cool/tuff/fuckable in an age where many thinking humans have grown a little cynical of blatant propaganda.

You kind of get the Axe Body Spray ads. Those are at least products specifically designed for men. But soda? That hasn’t been as thoroughly boner-fied as Bud Light and Ford trucks, but I guess we are changing that, heading towards a world where regular old Dr. Pepper’s unisex appeal is shunned by those who want a bro-identified drinking experience.

Then it’s on to the Pop-Tarts.

01.18.2012 |
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