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Man’s Highest Polling Friend

Yes, we’re overflowing with Santorum this week. I had about five thought-out strips ready to go and had to whittle them down to two so as not to overdo it. However, if he continues to open his mouth and say things like blah” and “plives” I may be forced to revisit the man next week, barring his campaign hasn’t imploded.

This comic visits a favorite theme of mine: that anti-gay bigots are in fact gay and, sooner or later, will be found snorting a rail of coke off a prostitute’s boner. In fact, there’s usually an inverse relationship with the vehemence of their homophobic rage to the level of same-sex deviancy they engage in. And Rick Santorum’s Leave It To Beaver sweater vests radiate with “repressed kinkster.”

I can’t believe Romney’s opposition research team hasn’t dropped a bomb on him already. Santorum’s claims that gay marriage may lead to man-dog marriage has me thinking this one may end badly for him. It shouldn’t be long before a video surfaces of him taking Old Yeller out behind the shed and pumping him full of something that isn’t lead.

I apologize for this whole post.”

01.11.2012 |
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