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This Thursday on Cartoon Movement we will publish the first chapter in a 75-page comics journalism project focusing on life in Haiti two years after it was devastated by an earthquake. The first chapter, "Tents Beyond Tents", focuses on the tent camps that still dominate much of Port-au-Prince and was written by Pharés Jerome, a reporter for Le Nouvelliste. We will be publishing installments throughout 2012 written by various Haitian journalists, focusing on such issues as Haitian politics, the role of NGOs, and what exactly happened with all the relief money that came flooding in after the earthquake. Leading up to the anniversary, we are publishing editorial cartoons by three Haitian cartoonists we met, including this scathing one from Raphael Paquin. There's also this sketchbook diary Sandy Huffaker did on a trip to Haiti in 1986. I've been working with the journalists and the artists, Chevelin Pierre, since I got back from Haiti in August. "This is an opportunity to express my frustrations, and those of my countrymen, with the recovery after January 12 through my drawings," says Pierre. "And comics journalism lends itself perfectly to the subject."
01.10.2012 |