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While most political observers seem to agree this election is about the depression we’re currently mired in, Rick Santorum is holding it down for Americans who yearn for more Old Testament laws. What good is a job if queers can marry? Santorum wants to ban gay marriage even in states that have already legalized it, re-institute DADT, and force all women, including minors and rape victims, to give birth even if it kills them.

The there’s the issue of the blah people getting our damn tax dollars.

Like any good moralizer, things get a little complicated when we look at Rick’s past. There’s a debate over what procedure his wife went through, exactly, and whether it was an induced labor, a spontaneous abortion, or something else. We don’t have all the details because Mrs. Santorum’s medical privacy is still a concept that is respected under law–at least until her husband becomes president. But here’s the key point:

Rick Santorum’s stance on abortion would have killed his wife. Had she not gone into spontaneous labor, she would need an abortion (or induced labor of a nonviable fetus) to save her life – and Santorum’s politics wouldn’t have let that happen.

Ladies, get your “Women For Santorum” bumper stickers on display.

Wednesday: More Santorum!”

01.09.2012 |
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