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Exquisite Newsletter

I decided to do this comic the way Ron Paul does his newsletter: packed with racism, paranoia, and conspiracies, but authored by other people that I didn’t oversee. Hey, I’m just signing my name to it!

I get that Ron Paul didn’t personally pen the diatribes against blacks and gays in his newsletter, but his defense of merely being publisher is a bit odd. Publishers are responsible for what goes in the publication they publish. I read a lot of publications and somehow the publishers and editors all manage to keep out editorials on Hate Whitey Day.”

Thanks to Ted Rall, Shannon Wheeler, and Jack Ohman for the art, which I now must disavow if I am to mount a presidential run in the future. If you would like to pretend this comic is a fund raising newsletter, by all means drop your gold coins and Liberty dollars in the tip jar on the right.”

01.02.2012 |
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