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I first cartooned on this malady some years ago and I fear things have only gotten worse. As Obama has ensconced some of the worst civil liberties violations of the Bush era into law and even expanded some (such as assassinating a US citizen in Yemen with a drone plane), the level of denial needed to continue thinking Obama has any principles on civil liberties has reached a worrying height.

Surely president John McCain and vice president Palin acting out the exact same policies would draw cries from most of the Democratic base that we live in a fascist state on the verge of throwing up Big Brother posters at every bus stop. As it is, many can barely muster a grumble.

PCLD is a dangerous affliction and there is always an uptick in cases during election years, when the need to ignore the fact that candidates don’t actually represent your values is the greatest. Symptoms include loudly declaring that Republicans are even worse, insisting Obama has a Liberal Master Plan, and randomly reminding people that Ralph Nader ruined the 2000 election.

There were a lot of comments on this comic today over at Daily Kos. While many understand the point made, you can see the illness creeping up in a number of people.

If you know anyone suffering from PCLD, please reach out to them. A daily dose of Glenn Greenwald can help return them to happy, principled political functionality.”

12.30.2011 |
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