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Point of Process

Next year, as the 2012 election looms, it will be interesting to see whether Occupy fizzles, is sucked into the Democrat’s reelection machine, or reemerges as an even stronger, broad-based movement. I’m counting on the latter. Buying bumper stickers and putting your hopes in a slick politician is so 2008. These days people take to the streets.

As Occupy plans its next move, there’s a lot of talk about what the movement means, meant, should do, and did wrong–much of it valid. Much of it from people with a vested interest in the system as it currently is. At this point, politicians are entirely unresponsive to almost all actions that don’t involve lobbyists putting cash directly into their hands. Voting does little. The choices–of parties and the issues they are willing to address–have become increasingly narrowed.

That’s not to say there is absolutely no difference between the two parties permitted to participate in politics. The future makeup of the Supreme Court, for instance, is incredibly important. But the days of Democrats and their apologists holding the threat of Republican rule over the heads of everyone who advocates for real progressive change as a means to get them to fall in line has to end.

Campaigning for politicians only encourages them, but unless there’s a complete revolution, at some point there has to be legislation enacted to make this all worth the effort. The usual channels are worthless. The task at hand is to put enough pressure on this system so that it is forced to change against its will. That takes more than holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils on election day.

So don’t vote for Obama this time. Or do, but do other things as well.

Me, the only nose holding I’ll be doing in 2012 will be in a cloud of tear gas.

12.27.2011 |