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With the apparent end of the Iraq War (never mind the thousands of armed contractors still there) and the latest developments at the Large Hadron Collider, I got to thinking about multiverses. Surely there could exist a slightly more sensible timeline where we never invaded Iraq and Saddam was overthrown in the Arab Spring. One of the last excuses used by apologists for the war was that we had to kill hundreds of thousands of people and create millions of refugees in order to stop that madman from killing his own people.

There’s no guarantee the Arab Spring would have overthrown Saddam, but I like thinking about how the contradictory ways people would react in slightly altered timelines. For example, I’d love to check in on a reality where President McCain assassinated a US citizen in Yemen with a drone and signed the latest defense bill to see if liberals might have more of a problem with it than the mild annoyance they currently muster.

The inclusion of a Stargate in this comic is owed entirely to August Pollak.”

12.23.2011 |