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Occupy Sketchbook

At Cartoon Movement, we've launched "Occupy Sketchbook" today with contributions from Susie Cagle, Sharon Rosenzweig, and Shannon Wheeler. We'll have even more sketches from different cities next week. (And maybe a third after that.) Some drawings of mine from the all night Occupy Portland rally to oppose the raid on the camp are up at the Portland Mercury and I contributed a smidgen to their coverage which should be online later today. I'll have more from my experience there on Cartoon Movement in a week or two. Finally, Michael Cavna of The Washington Post's Comic Riffs blog wrote up Cartoon Movement's recent focus on Occupy and asked me why I think comics journalism is particularly suited to cover this movement.
“Corporate media is met with skepticism by protesters — and with good reason,” Bors tells ‘Riffs. “I’ve found that sitting and talking to people with a sketchbook is a far better way to gain insight than shoving a network camera in their face. That only yields sound bites.  
11.16.2011 |