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Zygotes Are People

New personhood” legislation is popping up all over the country, namely in Mississippi, where a ballot measure to give fertilized eggs the same legal status as their host-wench failed yesterday. There are a number of implications to these laws, such as outlawing certain forms of birth control and having everyone set their birthday back nine months.

Conception is a big moment in creating new life–integral, I’d say–but it’s only one in a long line of important steps, like implanting on the uterine wall, developing a heartbeat, and saying “you’re on birth control, right?” Call me old fashioned, but coming out of a vagina and getting a Social Security number has always been where I start the clock.

But in the era of corporate personhood, I suppose giving zygotes the same consideration as the stack of papers incorporating the burger joint on the corner is fair and long overdue. Myself, I’d like to see a state define a fetus as a “corporation”, if only to read Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court opinion.

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11.09.2011 |
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