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Eat The Funny Pages interview

There's a short interview with me up at the Eat The Funny Pages site.
What’s your day like? Having to largely depend on current events for your writing material must be dramatically different from a regular cartoonist. Do you have to dedicate a nice chunk of the day to absorbing the news through various media? Or do you just tend to have an idea for the joke based on broader awareness of what’s going on, and then making the comic work to fit the idea? Since I began editing at Cartoon Movement earlier this year, a lot of my time is spent on the computer, so I'm always paying attention to the news and taking notes for strips. I pretty much immerse myself in news all day. I don't have a television and never watch it. I mostly work and if I'm at the drawing table, I'm most likely listening to the radio, and now, checking my goddamn smart phone when I'm out. I'm always thinking of ideas for the next comic. Lately, I've been finding Twitter helpful in writing jokes. Seeing things happen in real time and making little quips about them is a great way to generate ideas and test what works and what should remain a throwaway tweet. [Read more.]
11.07.2011 |