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Tax You All Harassment (say it fast)

Herman Cain doesn’t sexually harass women, he just wants to tax that ass.

This is my first comic on the pizza-slinger-turned-presidential-frontrunner, and maybe the last if his candidacy continues to unravel at this pace. I’m a little sad about that. I’d like the most outrageous and absurd candidates to succeed–for my own job security and to fully expose our corrupt election system by pushing us into Idiocracy territory. I’ve been mostly avoiding campaign coverage in favor of Occupy Wall Street and other things that are relevant to our lives, but the sexual harassment charges allowed me to comment on Cain’s cruel 999 tax plan.

We’re hearing these days that Occupy is disjointed and incoherent. Well, they are doing better than the Tea Party–the Taxed Enough Already Party–whose chosen candidate will increase taxes for most of them. As Cain’s soak the middle class” tax plan became evident to everyone except the Taxed Enough Already tax haters, he was forced to bullshit quickly–something we’re seeing he’s very good at.

His solution for the poor? Creating of “Opportunity Zones” in inner cities that would abolish most regulations working people have come to enjoy over the last hundred years. Haiti’s sweatshops basically operate in these types of zones (Thanks Clinton!) and look how well they’re doing. There were rumors Cain lifted the 999 Plan from Sim City. The Impoverished Labor Ghetto plan seems pulled from a dystopian science fiction novel. Or even a visit to China, which he could use, seeing as how he doesn’t know they have nukes.

If Herman Cain’s words and behavior make me fear for the future and not want to reproduce, does that qualify as a form of harassment?

RIP Broken Bank Window”