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Plagiarism in Tulsa

Last Monday I was alerted to a case of blatant plagiarism by editorial cartoonist David Simpson in Urban Tulsa Weekly. Alan Gardner of Daily Cartoonist posted the cartoons in question, which leaves no doubt that it was copied directly from a Jeff MacNelly cartoon. This isn't Simpson's first go-round at the light box. He was fired from his previous cartooning gig at Tulsa World in 2005 for redrawing a Bob Englehart cartoon. His excuse that time was claiming he found an unsigned version of the Englehart cartoon in his files, thought it was his from a while back, and redrew it for the the World. Follow that? Alan, myself, and at least one other professional cartoonist have written his current editor. Over a week later not only has there been no response or acknowledgment of the plagiarism from the paper or the artist, but this week's issue features a new (one can hope) cartoon from Simpson. Simpson was inducted into the Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall Of Fame in 2005, an honor I'm told was retracted today in light of his serial plagiarism. I hope Urban Tulsa will follow suit in dismissing this cretin from their pages.
10.31.2011 |