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Editorial Cartoons: Very Popular

Michael Cavna of the Washington Post wrote a short article on my Steve Jobs cartoon, which went viral Friday and instantly became one of the most popular things I've ever done. I told Cavna why I thought the cartoon was such a hit.
“The cartoon struck a chord because it filled a void, left by my colleagues, for satire on Steve Jobs’s death,” Bors tells Comic Riffs. ”Anytime a figure is glorified the way Jobs was, there’s a backlash against it. People love to see the mighty brought down a peg, and there were legitimate reasons to criticize Jobs that were left unsaid after his death.”
The comic was number one on Reddit for much of Friday and spread around social networking sites like wildfire. Mike Peterson at Comic Strip Of The Day writes:
It is a classic and will be brought out again when the topic of obituary cartoons comes up, for years into the future.
So after railing against obit cartoons for years, the most popular thing I've created is an obit cartoon. It's an irony, but one that I'm happy with since the cartoon ultimately functions by undermining obits. I'd be interested in how many newspapers would shy away from running this due to potentially offending someone--a reason meaningless cartoons marking holidays and celebrity deaths have taken hold of the field. The takeaway from this is that people love critical cartoons. And the way it took off around the web shows again how punchy images and cartoons make it around in a way that writing simply doesn't. If a news site were to, say, hire a regular editorial cartoonist the way they do with staff writers, they might find themselves getting quite a bit of traffic in situations like these, bringing in readers they otherwise wouldn't have. Until then, I'm happy to keep them for myself.
10.15.2011 |