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Ultra Awareness Man

I’ve had this comic in my head for exactly a year. I was visiting Pittsburgh last October (the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, if you aren’t) and I came across a fountain spouting what appeared to be water mixed with blood, as if someone were recently stabbed to death and let to drain. Turns out it was pink dye to key me into the existence of breast cancer.

If one wanted to read something on why the hell there is so much breast cancer awareness these days, they could do no better than Barbara Ehrenreich’s essay Welcome To Cancerland,” which documents her time battling breast cancer and the strange cult of pink she encountered along the way.

In thinking of things to parody for this comic, I looked up just what we have already designated official days, weeks, and months of awareness raising to. Turns out: everything. So I did my best.

In a checkout line recently, a cashier asked me if I would like to donate a dollar to “the fight against breast cancer research.” I told them no, I’m in favor of breast cancer research.

And while we are raising money for research and awareness raising, I’d like to point out the tip jar to the right. I’m doing five cartoons this week for myself, but if you like them and want to throw a few dollars my way, it would sure help.

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