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When I announced I would be drawing five cartoons this week, I wrote Will I crumble under the deadline pressure and phone in a celebrity obit?”

Ha! Well, hopefully you don’t think this qualifies as phoning it in, though I suppose it qualifies as an obit. After noting in my column on Cartoon Movement this week the complete lack of critical obits, I decided to incorporate the reincarnation idea while simultaneously attacking lame obits themselves.

Jobs designed great products (I use them) but the sycophancy over the past week has been a little much. He’s even been described as this generation’s John Lennon, which makes sense if you ignore the fact that Lennon was murdered and shipped zero jobs overseas. Apple’s record on labor practices are about as abysmal as any corporation, but they make sexy products so people don’t care as much.

I should point out that Ted Rall seems to be the only other person who did a critical obit cartoon of Jobs, albeit right before he died (strangely enough). And August Pollak did a brilliant memorial cartoon app.”

10.13.2011 |