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We're having dueling columns on obit cartoons over at Cartoon Movement. I'm starting things off with "Pay No Tribute." Tjeerd will respond to my column on Monday.
Someday you will die. It's impossible to predict when and where, but, if you happen to be a well-known figure, it won't be hard to predict with startling precision what the world's editorial cartoonists will work up for your obituary cartoon. You will no doubt be found at the Pearly Gates uttering a variation of your most famous phrase, drawn tastefully with the dates of your birth and death underneath, or gone entirely, represented by an item closely associated with you--a product, a logo, a cartoon character--inexplicably shedding a single tear. The illustrated tribute to the dead celebrity remains alive and well, especially with artists who have to pick the kids up early from soccer practice. [Keep Reading]
10.12.2011 |