Matt Bors
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Most monumental issues decided by the Supreme Court seem to come down to how Justice Kennedy is feeling that day. And with studies showing that parole is far more likely to be granted to a defendant after the judge has had lunch, it really makes you wonder how wise we are to entrust every matter to unaccountable judges who serve life terms and won’t allow technology invented over 100 years ago in the courtroom, claiming it could taint their judiciousness.

Simply put, judges aren’t the logical arbiters of legal truths they hold themselves up to be. They are susceptible to moods and whims, political considerations–even bribes (See: Clarence Thomas). What will become of Health Care Reform? It may come down to Kennedy. Let’s hope he gets a good night sleep (preferably after a hot romp with a ladyfriend) and a nice full breakfast before condemning those with “pre-existing conditions” back to the rolls of the uninsured.”

10.05.2011 |