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Troy Davis, Inc.

We all know by now that corporations are people, but with rights and privileges that seem to exceed them at this point. Troy Davis never had a chance. He was a black man in the South, was not wealthy, and lacked the articles of incorporation that ensure you’ll be treated with kid gloves by the system. Philip Morris probably kills 3,000 off-duty white police officers a year with its practices. No death penalty for them.

While I’m not certain about Davis’ innocence, the more than reasonable doubt should have resulted in a commutation, probably not even a conviction in the first place. In any case, the death penalty should be abolished even for the guilty. The only good to come of this is the surprising amount of coverage in the media it received.

Hopefully, names like Troy Davis and Cameron Todd Willingham–an innocent man executed by Rick Perry–can now replace previous death row cause celeb, Mumia, who clearly murdered a police officer and is revered by a certain type of lefty whose critical thinking goes out the window as soon as someone uses revolutionary rhetoric.”

09.28.2011 |