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The ultra-rich in America enjoy a standard of living higher than that of all human beings who have previously existed since the invention of money. They are not forced to fight in our dumb wars, their extravagant lifestyles are romanticized in pop culture, and as their tax rates have been lowered repeatedly for decades, they have amassed more and more wealth as the disparity between them and the rest of the country has grown even wider.

And they are still not happy.

Elizabeth Warren’s little speech against arrogant rich douches went viral last week and I have to say I find it a little dispiriting that a politician explaining third grade civics is considered a rallying cry to liberals.

When talk of returning to Clinton-era tax rates amid our second-worst depression is decried as “class warfare” and millionaires are constantly referred to as “job creators”–with no mention of the “labor providers” for which their millions are derived–it shows we lost hold of the narrative long before Obama.

Wednesday: Troy Davis, Inc.”

09.26.2011 |