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Spotlight on Haiti

Editor and Publisher has a write-up of Cartoon Movement's trip to Haiti:
Both Bors and Royaards knew from the start that in order to get to the heart of the issues in Haiti, they would need to focus on Haiti’s reconstruction from the point of view of the Haitian people, which led to the decision to hire Haitian journalists to produce the stories. “The problems here are complex and trace back long before the quake,” Bors said. “We knew that doing anything comprehensive on Haiti would require people who have been here their whole lives and who are trained in journalism.” Bors’ first step in finding the proper team to pull this off was to contact all the reporters in Haiti that he had been following on social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. Haiti’s national media is largely radio based, and the print media is nearly all French, so finding the right team required Bors and Royaards to visit Haiti and pound the pavement, figuring out who was good and getting familiar with them and their work before they worked together. [Keep reading]
09.23.2011 |