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Michele Bachmann brought up a very good point recently: why don’t politicians understand the clear messages god sends to us through weather events?

While she appears to have been joking, it’s the humor of someone who believes god is actively involved in world affairs, urged her into her career choices, and regularly speaks to commoners. In her world, hurricanes increase in frequency not because of climate change–which there is no evidence for–but when god has policy disagreements with Washington–which is just plain true if you look at the facts.

While extreme weather attributed to climate change can be easily explained as the prime communication method of a vengeful god, that still leaves harmful things like smog, which is most certainly caused by man. Bachmann doesn’t see any need to regulate things like that and thoughtfully proposed abolishing the EPA to create jobs. (For polluters and manufacturers of oxygen masks, I suppose.)

Unfortunately for the people in America who will continue to die from smog pollution, the Democratic president is pathologically obsessed with making concessions to people like Bachmann who don’t believe in science or sound economic theory, which is why he reversed course on smog regulations. One of the only things he has left to concede is the presidency itself, which at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see him offer up.

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09.05.2011 |