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Gay marriage passed in New York, doubling the amount of straight marriages that are now threatened by the queers. I wasn’t going to comment on the sensible, overdue human rights victory since I don’t generally do cartoons about things I’m in favor of, but the slippery slope argument is still out there being used even though years of gay marriage have proved it harmless. The cartoon is pretty much a reaction to this one by Mike Lester, which purports to be concerned with runaway definitions and how we will prevent the massive movement of incestuous gay lovers from gaining legal recognition.

As you read this, I will be on my way to Florida for the annual AAEC convention, where I will likely encounter Mr. Lester for the first time. Maybe we will discuss the finer points of man love, incest, and polygamy over a pint. And hopefully it won’t get too hot and steamy between us now that those strict definitions we depend on to maintain our cool are being eroded.

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07.06.2011 |